16/03/2016 22:05 GMT | Updated 16/03/2016 22:30 GMT

REVIEW: James Norton Removes Shirt In 'Grantchester', Viewing Congregation Swoons

There's a lot of romance in the air in the Cambridgeshire village.

James Norton might not have grabbed a fair maiden in quite the manner of Tom Hiddleston a few days earlier on our screens, but he had more than his fair share of the fairer sex in this week's episode of 'Grantchester'.

His jazz-loving vicar Sidney Chambers finally got a taste of romance this week, with the very public attentions of police station assistant Margaret. 

Sidney Chambers finally enjoyed some romance with police station assistant Margaret, even if his heart didn't seem to be fully in it.

The pair were caught in an embrace within the first few minutes of the third episode of this second series, delighting his pal Geordie (Robson Green) who had been expending copious efforts in match making for his ecclesiastical friend.

But that wasn't the only female attention coming Sidney's way, in an episode which put the weekly murder investigation second to the vicar's romantic shenanigans. 

Sidney also found himself an object of ardent interest to the victim's widow Vivienne, only minutes after she'd seen the dead body of her husband. Is no one immune to this man's charms? And that was before his shirt came off, courtesy of a helpful stab wound that needed to be tended, and she strangely needed a hand with that difficult nightgown. 

Not only that, but his lost love Amanda made a return, the lady for whom Sidney took a blow to the eye from her unimpressed husband last week. And guess who she was looking for, even as she stole some gloves. 

All in all, it's a lot of worldly distraction for a simple vicar, and that's without the soaring crime rate in this sweet village that everyone seems to have, temporarily, forgotten about. And, as he reminds Margaret with another steamy kiss, he's "no saint".

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