#PaellaGate And 5 Other Famous Culinary Catastrophes

Delia Smith you have a lot to answer for.

Jamie Oliver may have faced the fury of Twitter (and most of Spain) after he suggested adding pork to your paella. But he isn’t the only chef who has caused uproar after adding their own ‘unique twist’ to a recipe.

Gordon Ramsay, Delia Smith and many others have lots to answer for...

1. Jamie Oliver's Paella
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
He might be considered a national treasure in Great Britain for his war on turkey twizzlers, but now Jamie Oliver has caused an international scandal after incorporating chorizo and chicken thighs into a Spanish paella recipe.

A spokesperson says Oliver added his own twist on the rice dish after a “grandmother whispered in his ear”. Whatever you say Jamie.
2. Gordon Ramsay's Paella
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Oliver isn’t the only one who has been vilified for his paella.

Gordon Ramsay came under fire after adding chilli peppers to his rice (along with chorizo, chicken, shrimp, squid and clams). Spanish newspaper El Pais said: “Because it’s never too late to confuse Spain with Mexico." Ouch.
3. David Chang's Fideua
Diane Bondareff/AP
Owner of the Momofuku noodle bars David Chang, attempted to make a Spanish Fideua dish with instant ramen noodles on his Netflix show ‘The Mind Of A Chef’.

The substitute was meant to make the dish quick and easy, but let’s just say it went down like a ton of bricks.
4. Sanjeev Kapoor's Spanish Tortilla
Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor committed the cardinal sin of trying to make a Spanish tortilla using only egg whites (you should know the Spaniards don’t want you #cleaneating their dishes).

But Kapoor wasn’t content with just losing the yolks and to add insult to injury, he baked it in the oven for twenty minutes. You might want to rethink Spain as a potential holiday destination Sanjeev…
5. Delia Smith's Mushroom Risotto
Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive
After spending decades teaching the people of Britain how to cook, Delia embraced the ease of the microwave in her 2008 book ‘How To Cheat At Cooking’.

She suggested making a mushroom risotto using two sachets of Asda’s frozen mushroom risotto, a handful of dried porcini mushrooms and a slug of Madeira wine…

Giles Coren said: “It is like having a pig piss in your throat. It tastes of freezer and plastic. I don’t understand. If you can't cook and you can't afford to go out, eat a cheese sandwich.”
6. Jamie Oliver's Jollof Rice
Johnny Green/PA Archive
Jamie’s list of crimes against regional dishes doesn’t end at paella.

Back in August, Oliver tried to celebrate World Jollof Day (in honour of the West African staple stew) but ended up getting severely burned.

Advising readers to add coriander, parsley and lemon to his recipe was enough to send the Internet into meltdown. Reni Eddo-Lodge said: “Jamie Oliver’s Jollof rice hurts my soul.”

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