Jay Leno Returns To 'The Tonight Show' For US Presidential Election Monologue

"Have we been enjoying Donald Trump's new reality show, The Amazing Racist?"

Former 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno returned to his place on the stage on Wednesday night to tap in for Jimmy Fallon, and delivered an incredible four minutes of zingers looking at the US presidential election and the state of the economy.

He poked fun at Donald Trump's speeches, Hillary Clinton's transparency, and Bernie Sanders' problems raising campaign funds.

"Bernie says he is the most anti-fossil fuel of any of the candidates," he quipped. "Of course he is. That's because he's the only candidate who's an actual fossil."

He then went on to joke about Obama's approval ratings and the US economy.

"The economy is so bad, in Hollywood porn stars are being forced to get jobs as real pizza delivery guys," he said. "That's how bad it is."