14/08/2017 14:18 BST

Jeremy Clarkson Blames ‘Drunk People’ For Those X-Rated Twitter 'Likes'

We're saying nothing.

Jeremy Clarkson has taken to Twitter to explain himself, after a number of users pointed out that his ‘likes’ on the website included a series of x-rated videos.

Twitter user Adam Hollman was the first to notice Jeremy’s unexpected favourites, and tweeted a (NSFW) screenshot:

Unsurprisingly, many people had a little snigger and shared the post, but Jeremy has now spoken out, claiming that he didn’t actually hit favourite on the pornographic content.

He wrote: “Valuable lesson learned this morning about not leaving your phone unattended when there are drunk people about.”

As of Monday (14 August) afternoon, the tweets remained on Jeremy’s list of likes.

No judgement... but you’d think the first thing he’d have done would be removing them, right? 

Jeremy hit headlines for (other) unexpected reasons recently, when he was hospitalised after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment
Jeremy Clarkson

The TV presenter was in Spain when he was taken ill, and later revealed the severity of his condition, saying that one doctor told him: “If you don’t do as I say [and stay in hospital] you will die.”

Explaining that he is still recovering, Clarkson wrote in his Sunday Times column: “This is the problem with hospitals. People who stay in them become institutionalised and incapable of speaking about anything other than what nurse brought what drug at what time. Boredom turns them into bores.

“And when they get out, as I have, and there is nothing to do for two whole months apart from get better, things are even worse, because all I can talk about is my illness.”

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