JC4PM Twitter Campaign Taunted For Including 'Obvious Joke' Quote In Its Stunt

'I only meant it as an obvious pisstake.'
<strong>The independent 'JC4PM' group came under fire on Tuesday</strong>
The independent 'JC4PM' group came under fire on Tuesday

A pro-Jeremy Corbyn campaign group is facing ridicule for featuring a joke comment designed to mock the Labour leader in its publicity stunt.

The ‘Jeremy Corbyn For Prime Minister’ group included a post from Laura Marcus in response to a call for party members to submit their standout moments from his first year in office.

Among a deluge of other replies, Laura sought to issue a subtle jibe at Corbyn by saying she was most proud of:

’JC4PM’ had been turning supportive responses into quote cards, tweeting them out to bolster Corbyn’s leadership re-election campaign.

But it mistook Laura’s joke submission for a genuine one, and thought her use of the word “weak” was merely a typo.

Hours later, many social media users picked up on the mistake and pointed out the “hilarious fail”.

And Laura herself soon waded in, to clarify it had all been a joke.

“I’m deeply flattered to have my quote used by the Corbyn campaign,” she wrote back on Twitter, “but disappointed they didn’t use my full name”.

When commended on her work, the Guardian contributor said she was surprised it had been taken quite so seriously.

Others took her praise of Corbyn’s PMQs performance seriously, and gave her a hard time for it.

Leaving Laura left to clarify the remarks and hastily respond to messages reassuring people she had submitted the comment as a joke and with the word “weak”.

The ‘JC4PM’ Twitter account is an unofficial team not directly linked to the Labour leader.

Among other mocking replies it received in response to its original request were party members decrying his appearing on Press TV, response to allegations of anti-Semitism and backtracking on a call to trigger Article 50 on June 24.

Some samples of more serious replies tweeted out by ‘JC4PM’ include:


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