Jeremy Corbyn Slams 'Scrooge' Mike Ashley Over Sports Direct Working Conditions

Jeremy Corbyn has attacked Sports Direct owner Mike Ashely for behaving worse than "Scrooge" when it came to being a good employer.

Yesterday, Ashley was grilled by MPs over working conditions in his firm. The Unite union revealed that the disciplinary regime at the company that meant women were giving birth in toilets because they were coming to work when they should not.

The Labour leader told prime minister's questions today the case showed why workers rights needed to protected inside the European Union.

"The case of Sports Direct showsMike Ashely certainly isn't a Father Christmas, indeed he’d make Scrooge look like a good employer," he said.

In his evidence to MPs, Ashley conceded he was "not Santa Claus" when it came to being kind to people.

Corbyn also used his PMQs questions to try and expose Tory divisions over Brexit. He pressed the prime minister on whether employment minister Priti Patel was speaking for the government when she said leaving the EU would allow the "burden" of social and employment legisaltion to be watered down.

Cameron told the Labour leader he disagreed with Patel, adding the "underpinning" of workers rights provided by the EU was a good reason to vote 'Remain' on June 23.

He added: "We in this House have repeatedly chosen to go over and above those rights."

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