Jeremy Corbyn Jokes About Traingate As He Kicks Off His Labour Conference Speech

*Strong joke here*

Jeremy Corbyn made a joke about the infamous traingate debacle which saw him sitting on a train floor despite seats being available.

Corbyn claimed he was forced to sit on the floor on a “ram-packed” Virgin Train from London to Newcastle on August 19.

However, Virgin Trains later released CCTV footage showing there were empty seats which the Labour leader could have sat on.

  • There were no unreserved seats

  • There were unreserved seats but they had bags on them

  • He wanted to sit with his wife and couldn’t find any empty seats together

Corbyn decided to make a joke about the incident when he took to stage to deliver his conference speech.

He said “Thank you for that introduction. And how brilliant it is to see the hall here in Liverpool, absolutely packed for the Labour conference, well I say it’s packed but Virgin Trains assure me there are 800 empty seats.”

Many watching enjoyed the self-deprecating gag: