Jeremy Hunt Announces Potential Prime Minister Run, Gets Slaughtered On Twitter

'Hunt needs to see a Dr if he believes he might be PM.'

Jeremy Hunt has announced he is "seriously considering" running to become the Prime Minister of the UK.

In response to the news, the health secretary's name became top trend in the country he hopes to lead.

To be fair to Hunt, after a week where Britain has voted to the leave the EU, David Cameron has resigned, the Labour party is an absolute shambles, the UK’s credit rating has been downgraded and racist attacks are up all over the country, anything is possible at this point.

In a letter published by the Daily Telegraph on Monday, Hunt raise the prospect of a second referendum on EU membership if it can broker a deal over the borders and the movement of Europeans

Hunt stated his possible intentions on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today.

He said: “I’m seriously considering it, nominations close on Thursday lunch time, but want I want to do now is start making an argument as to what we do next as a country.”

He later told Sky News: “We will find out in the next 48 hours because the nominations close on Thursday lunchtime.”

David Cameron resigned last Friday following the UK’s decision to vote for Brexit after the EU referendum result.

The move has triggered fevered speculation as to who will replace him with Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Stephen Crabb and Nicky Morgan all likely candidates.

George Osborne has ruled himself out of the running.

He said: "I’m not backing any candidate at the moment, but of course I was full-throttled in arguing for remaining in the EU, and because half my party wanted to leave the EU I don’t think I can be the person who can bring the party together at this moment. I’m just being realistic about that."

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