08/10/2020 17:57 BST

Jim Carrey Cartoon Gives One-Finger Salute To 'Super Spreader-In-Chief' Trump

The actor-turned-cartoonist envisioned the US president in a kissing booth – and it's lip-smacking gross.

Jim Carrey basically just told US president Donald Trump to kiss off in his new cartoon.

In a nod to the growing ranks of Trump associates infected with Covid-19 after the leader’s illness, Jim imagined Trump in a kissing... er... “kiss of death” booth.

A gloved hand also raises the middle finger to Trump, who has a giant droplet coming out of his nose.

Trump’s widely-criticised message in which he told Americans “don’t be afraid” of the virus and “don’t let it dominate your life” was easy pickings for the comedian, who threw the words back in Trump’s face.

“Thanks for playing deadly power games while Americans lose everything, Super Spreader-in-Chief,” the caption reads. “Don’t fear the electoral landslide. Don’t let it dominate your life!”

Trump is badly trailing Democrat Joe Biden in the polls, with less than a month to go before the election.

Meanwhile, Jim appears to have picked up the pace with his cartoon takedowns of Trump and company.

The comedian has posted four artworks since debuting as Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, in a performance that saw him taking on Alec Baldwin as the US leader, with former cast member Maya Rudolph returning to play Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris.