Jo Cox Remembered By New Labour MPs As 'A Mother, A Fighter And A Campaigner'

Some of the Labour MPs who entered parliament in 2015, the same time as Jo Cox, have paid tribute to her in a new video.

Cox, who was killed last week, is described as "a mother, a fighter, a campaigner,an internationalist, a feminist, a proud Yorkshire lass"

"We wish to honour or friend, and fight for what she stood for. Across our communities, across our country, and across our world: we are far more united, and we have far more in common than that which divides us," the MPs say.

The MPs added: "She was our Jo."

MPs filled the Commons on Monday afternoon to pay tribute to Cox. Jeremy Corbyn said her very life was a “demonstration against despair”.

“Jo Cox didn’t just believe in loving her neighbour, she believed in loving her neighbour’s neighbour. She saw a a world of neighbours. She believed every life counted equally,” he said.

Backbench and frontbench MPs on all sides of the Commons also paid emotional tribute.

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