15/10/2020 17:00 BST | Updated 16/10/2020 07:04 BST

A Queen From Drag Race Holland Did Joe Exotic On Snatch Game And Nailed The Tiger King Star

Shantay, you stay.

Snatch Game always separates the true queens from the pretenders to the Drag Race throne.

After The Vivienne’s show-stealing turn as Donald Trump on Drag Race UK last year, she set the bar high for future queens.

But one contestant from Drag Race Holland has taken notes, it seems.

Instead of opting for a Dutch star, ChelseaBoy took on Joe Exotic for Drag Race Holland’s first ever Snatch Game, and it really is quite something…


We’ve absolutely no idea who the other queens are impersonating, but ChelseaBoy… shantay, you stay. 

Meanwhile, the BBC has offered an update as to what is going on with the second series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

The British version of the hit US reality competition launched last year, with a second run originally scheduled for the autumn. 

However, like many other TV shows, plans were thrown into chaos when production was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic shortly after filming began. 

Speaking at the virtual Edinburgh TV Festival in August, BBC Three Controller Fiona Campbell gave fans hope that filming will be complete before the end of the year. 

Revealing that filming was already “midway” through prior to lockdown, she said: “It’s currently being ‘regrouped’, as we say.

“I think the best thing I can say is hopefully if we all stay well and stable in the UK like we are now, we’ll get it done by the end of the year. But yeah, it’s regrouping as we speak.”

Drag Race Holland continues weekly on Thursdays at 11pm on WOW Presents Plus. For more information visit: http://uk.wowpresentsplus.com/