14/11/2016 10:04 GMT | Updated 15/11/2016 15:41 GMT

John Lewis Christmas Advert Inspired Utter Chaos On This Family's Trampoline


Millions of us were left in awe by Buster the boxer’s trampolining skills in the new John Lewis Christmas advert. 

But it would appear that allowing your dog - or any other furry animal, for that matter - to bounce around on your kid’s new Christmas present is probably unwise.

Phil Brunskill knows this all too well, as his kids apparently let their cockapoo (a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle) have a go on the trampoline. 

The end result wasn’t pretty.

Commenting on John Lewis’ Facebook page, Brunskill wrote: “Dear John, further to your advert the kids thought it would be a great idea to put the cockapoo on the trampoline... See photo attached.

“Thanks and have a great Christmas.”

The amusing post has been shared almost 23,000 times on Facebook. 

The advert inspired others to share photos of their dogs enjoying the trampoline lifestyle: one person uploaded a photo of their dog and lizard sunbathing on a trampoline, while another posted a picture of their toddler and French bulldog bouncing on a smaller frame. 

If you’ve got an unruly dog, maybe it’s best to leave the bouncing to Buster the boxer this Christmas. Or you could just let your dog bounce around in front of the TV, like this chap.