John McDonnell Follows Corbyn's Fiery Speech With Car-Crash Budget Interview

'I know the figure but I haven’t got it in front of me.'

Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the Autumn Budget was, in a word, loud.

The Labour leader won plaudits for a speech which tore into the Tories on everything from Universal Credit to the Paradise Papers.

He said: “Our country is marked by growing inequality and injustice.

“We were promised a revolutionary Budget. The reality is nothing has changed.

“People were looking for help from this Budget, they have been let down.”

So it was a little unfortunate for Labour that just hours later John McDonnell completely fluffed an interview with Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics show.

The Shadow Chancellor was questioned on the national debt but couldn’t tell the host how much we spend on interest payments although he was sure the number was going down.

Labour will be hoping Corbyn's speech is the one that is remembered - he accused the Government of “tossing fuel on the fire” via the Budget, despite Theresa May’s promise to tackle burning injustice.

The Labour leader also predicted that Philip Hammond’s spending plans will quickly unravel and result in continuing “misery” for people across the country.

Replying to the Budget, he described the Government as having a “record of failure with a forecast of more to come”.