John Oliver Explains Why Donald Trump's Unpleasant Business Tactics Are Exactly Like His Presidential Campaign

"Anything Trump's tiny fingers touch turns into an ex-wife or an abandoned casino."

It's almost a year since Donald Trump announced he was running for president of the United States, and the past 12 months have left many of us wondering how he managed to become so popular.

It's been a total quandary until now - John Oliver has been taking a look at the way the Republican ran his failed business venture 'Trump University', and the similarities with his presidential campaign are striking.

The scheme set up by the real estate mogul was essentially marketed as a way to deliver the American dream and make people successful, however it was later described by one of his own staff as "a joke, a façade, it was just selling false hopes and lies."

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver spent eight minutes of his Sunday night show tearing apart every aspect of Trump University and laying down the facts.

Here's part one:

And here's part two of the segment. Rest assured, it only gets better.

"The most valuable lesson to come out of Trump University is the one that it is currently giving all of us in what's behind Trump's campaign strategy," Oliver says. "Because the playbook tells his salespeople 'you don't sell products, benefits or solutions - you sell feelings.'

"And that is what's happening now. Crowds at a Trump rally may not be able to point to a concrete benefit or solution he offers, but they know how he makes them feel."