11/01/2019 11:40 GMT

John Travolta Thanks Fans For Praising His New Look After Embracing Baldness

He debuted his hairless head earlier this week.

John Travolta has thanked his fans for their support after embracing his baldness. 

The ‘Grease’ actor debuted a new look earlier this week, when he shared a picture of himself without hair on Instagram. 

After years of sporting wigs and hairpieces, he was widely praised on social media for going au naturel

Sharing a video on social media to celebrate reaching 1 million followers on Instagram, the 64-year-old star made reference to the positive comments he’d received over his new look. 

Appearing alongside his eight-year-old son Ben, John said: “Hey there, Ben Travolta, John Travolta here.

“We’re dirt biking today and we just got the great news that it’s hit over a million followers on Instagram.”

Lifting up his baseball cap, he continued: “We love you and we thank you and also, thanks for liking the new hair do.”

He was yet again inundated with comments from fans praising his choice to embrace his baldness. 

One fan wrote: “Bald is beautiful. You look great!! New look makes you a whole new person.” 

Another said: “Love the new hair and the beard. Looking better than ever!”

Another added: “The bald head rocks! It looks so good on you!”

However, John is yet to reveal the reasons behind his decision to go bald, and it remains to be seen whether it’s actually for a new film role.

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