27/06/2017 14:48 BST | Updated 28/06/2017 12:58 BST

Jon Snow 'Has No Recollection' Of 'Shouting F**k The Tories' At Glastonbury

Broadcasters are meant to be strictly neutral.

Legendary news anchor Jon Snow has said he has no recollection of chanting “f**k the Tories” at Glastonbury after a reveller tweeted he had while partying with them.

The Channel 4 News host, one of the most recognisable faces of British news, said his day at Glastonbury included taking more than 1,000 selfies but he did not remember one reveller’s account of him chanting it with them.

One man tweeted: “Boss place that Glasto. Having a dance with Jon Snow and hearing him shout fuck the tories is what dream are made of.” 

The tweet

The man also said Snow then reminded them he was, as a broadcast journalist, meant to be strictly neutral.

Jon Snow told HuffPost UK in a statement: “After a day at Glastonbury, I can honestly say I have no recollection of what was chanted, sung or who I took over 1000 selfies with.”

The Ofcom rules about neutrality only relate to what is broadcast or published and have nothing to do with journalists do on their own time.

On Friday, Snow tweeted it was “amazing” to be at the festival among people with “a real energy for a better politics”.

One person tweeted that had they had served Jon Snow in the Glastonbury VIP tent.

But this may have been Kit Harington, the actor who plays the other Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones and was spotted at the festival and watched Radiohead play on Friday night.

And also sang the “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” chant, according to one Tweeter.