23/04/2018 13:34 BST | Updated 23/04/2018 13:34 BST

Kanye West's Latest Yeezy Designs Are Being Compared To Play-Doh And Causing A Stir On Twitter

Transparent trainers and rubber sliders anyone?

Yeezus, sorry I mean, Kanye West is having his moment on Twitter.

From his random motivational tweets to him introducing the latest Yeezy designs over the past weekend this has been a bumper few weeks for fans of the rapper.

Despite this his latest footwear honestly looks like a hybrid between a 90s dad trainer and an alien that has started to debate its own existence.

All of which has left us wondering: are Kanye’s trainer’s becoming more complex to make up for the hefty price tag? 

More than the cost of the shoes, what’s really caused a stir on social media is how some of the shoe lines resemble Play-Doh, gummy sharks or even sponges. 

Then of course there’s this transparent shoe which Twitter users have rather effectively compared to a plastic stand.

The trainers themselves have elevated from last season by being transparent while some prototypes have gone for that I’ve-just-stepped-into-white-paint look. Truly sensational.

It’s not all bad news of course, perhaps the most well-liked trainers here are these listed below boasting some subtle pastel shades.

The launch date for these designs are yet to be released but I have a feeling that despite their controversial look they will not only immediately sell out, but then appear on eBay at ten times the price.

Clearly, the uglier, the better.