Kate Moss' Daughter Loses Fingers To Vogue Photoshop (PHOTO)

We love us a good Photoshop fail, but sometimes we feel a bit bad for the victim (not you, Victoria's Secret models -- you looked too perfect to begin with).

We almost didn't notice, but Jezebel so kindly pointed out that Kate Moss' intimate mother-daughter portrait in the September issue of Vogue received a little too much airbrushing.

Lila Grace, Moss' daughter, seems to have lost the tips of her fingers.

It's not only a dumb mistake, but also sort of silly: how many rolls of fat or excessive wrinkles did 8-year-old Lila Grace have on her hands? Just how unkempt were her fingernails to warrant such a clumsy Photoshop fail?

Check it out below in the bottom righthand corner of the pic and click here to see more Kate Moss wedding day portraits from Vogue's September issue.