Someone Gave Katie Hopkins A Fake C**T Award – And 'She Flew To Prague To Accept It'

YouTube prankster Josh Pieters posted a video of the far-right commentator accepting the 'c***' award just hours after her Twitter account was suspended.

It’s been a bad week for Katie Hopkins.

On Thursday the controversial commentator was locked out of her Twitter account for violating the platform’s “hateful conduct policy and abusive behaviour policy”.

Then, just hours later, it emerged she had apparently been duped in absolutely epic proportions by YouTube prankster Josh Pieters, who said he made her fly all the way to Prague to accept a fake award – the Campaign To Unify The Nation Trophy.

Now there was some criticism of the stunt....

But in response, someone highlighted an edited segment of some of the comments she made during the ceremony.

Some quotes include:

“If you call ‘Mohammad’ in school playground in the UK, 2,000 fucking kids come running and you don’t want any of them.”

“East London is smelly and shitty at the best of times, it’s 82% Muslim.”

[Speaking about Greta Thunberg] “Autistic fucking wench.”

Hopkins has been contacted for comment.

Hopkins used to have columns and radio shows on a number of mainstream outlets but was gradually dropped from all of them after a series of controversial remarks.

In 2017 LBC radio sacked her after she tweeted remarks in the wake of the Manchester bombing that some interpreted as calls for ethnic cleansing.

Later in the same year, she was dropped as a columnist by the Mail Online after her contract was not renewed “by mutual consent”.