Katie Hopkins' Sausage Run Promise Is Getting Everyone Excited/Terrified

Let's be honest Katie, nobody wants to see that.

Proposed sausage botherer Katie Hopkins is being bombarded with bangers after threatening to run naked down a busy London street with a pork product stuffed somewhere unsightly.

The TV and radio personality said she would commit the heinous act if Labour's Sadiq Khan won the London mayoral election, and he did.

Ever since, people have been taunting Hopkins with pictures of increasingly large sausages.

Others haven't been quite so subtle.

Some people were just being weird about it.

And a few tweeters got artistic.

Despite pledging to honour her previous commitment, Hopkins has yet to confirm a date for what is being dubbed the #SausageRun.

In a reference to Khan’s Muslim religion, she said she would perform the ritual, but only with Halal-sourced meat.

As Khan successfully fended off his Conservative opponent Zac Goldsmith, Londoners can expect to be graced with the sight of a nude Katie Hopkins jogging past Hamleys, Liberty, tourist-hotspot Piccadilly Circus and possibly one or two hot dog sellers.

Her promise comes after fellow newspaper columnist Dan Hodges kept his promise to streak naked down Whitehall if Ukip broke 6% of the popular vote in last year’s general election.

The party actually mustered more than 12%.

Hodges raised £1,000 for event in aid of the Terence Higgins Trust and Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope.

It is not yet known whether Hopkins will make a similar donation to charity.

Jack Taylor via Getty Images
Khan was snapped as he left his home in Tooting, the constituency he represents but will step down from, early on Monday morning.
Jack Taylor via Getty Images
The new London mayor appeared relaxed as he casually waited for a bus at his local bus stop.
Jack Taylor via Getty Images
Showing his credentials as a true born-and-bred Londoner, Khan had his Oyster card at the ready before being confronted with the reader.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Once on the Tube however, his travelling skills dipped into the novice arena, pictured here briefly waiting outside the barriers.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
But he soon recovered, tucking his Oyster card in to his pocket and moving on.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
The new mayor arrived at City Hall in style, waving to campaigners who were there to welcome him.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
He posed for a picture with his new office in the background.
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
His entourage seemed to be enjoying the event.
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
But not as much as his supporters, who hugged Khan and gave him their messages of support.
Hannah Mckay / Reuters
One posed for a selfie with him, while others offered him a croissant.
Khan then entered his office and set out on an historic four-year tenure as London's first Muslim mayor.

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