10/05/2017 13:34 BST

Katie Piper: 'When My Daughter Belle Sees My Scars She Wants To Kiss Them Better'

'She’ll see my hand and say: "Oh my gosh, what’s happened? Be careful!"’

Katie Piper’s three-year-old daughter Belle often questions her about the scarring on her body, which is the result of an acid attack in 2008.

The mum-of-one repeatedly reassures her daughter that she is now “ok” as the burns happened “ages ago”.

Piper spoke to HuffPost UK about how she approaches the sensitive subject of her burns with her toddler during an interview on ‘BUILD’.

“My body has got quite a lot of scars on so when she sees me in the bath she says ‘oh what’s happened? ‘Are you ok?’” Piper explained.

“And I’ll be like ‘no, it happened ages ago, I got burnt,’ and then she says ‘I want to kiss it better’ [and she] kisses it better.”


Piper added that her daughter understands the concept of getting burnt by the oven, but she hasn’t yet asked her to explain “how” or “why” she was burnt.

“Or she’ll see my hand and be like: ‘Oh my gosh, what’s happened? Be careful! Because I’m always telling her to be careful,” Piper continued.

“I’m sure in a couple more years it will expand and she’ll ask more.”


Piper said that being a mum has changed her “massively”.

“I’m always covered in stains!” she joked, before adding that she’s very lucky because she can get Belle involved in her work projects, such as designing a fashion range for Want That Trend.

“I have an office in my house so a lot of that was conducted up there with [Belle] in the room trying to contribute,” she explained.

“I think as she gets older I’ll be able to really get her involved and get her volunteering.”

Asked whether any of Belle’s designs made the range Piper added: “Well, she looked at fabrics and prints.

“She’s a Tomboy, so she loves Spiderman.”

Perhaps the Spiderman-inspired dress is being saved for her next collection.