26/08/2020 08:24 BST

Katie Price Gets Real About The Struggles Of Having A Bath After Breaking Her Feet

The reality star has been keeping fans updated on social media since seriously injuring herself last month.

Since breaking her feet on holiday last month, Katie Price has been keeping fans regularly updated on how she’s adjusting to life as she recovers from her injuries, and she’s now shared one of the newest pitfalls that’s come her way.

Posting on her Instagram story this week, Pricey admitted that having a bath independently was proving to be an issue for her, not just because getting into the actual tub was such a difficult task without being able to put pressure on her feet, but also due to the fact she’s not supposed to get her two casts wet.

Sharing a picture of her feet in her brightly-coloured casts, the reality star explained that she had to “use my upper body strength to get in the bath”, writing: “Legs up in the water and CANNOT get my cast wet… such a mission to have a bath.”

Having successfully made it into the bath, Katie then posted a second picture of herself holding her feet above the water level, joking: “Well at least I’m working my core strength.”

Instagram/Katie Price
Katie got real about the struggles she's facing

Katie seriously injured her feet by jumping over a wall in Turkey last month.

While medics wanted to operate there and then, Katie instead said she’d prefer to wait until her holiday was over and she was back in the UK.

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Katie Price pictured in 2019

Since then, she’s undergone surgery, and was rushed back to hospital over the weekend with a suspected infection.  

Despite the seriousness of her injuries, Katie has been trying to keep her spirits up on social media, posting videos showing how she’s overcome certain obstacles that come with having broken feet and sharing footage of her bedazzled wheelchair which, naturally, is also hot pink.