27/02/2018 08:44 GMT | Updated 27/02/2018 09:59 GMT

Katie Price 'Delighted' As Olivia Attwood Claims Chris Hughes *Did* Send Infamous Text Messages

'As Katie always says, The truth always comes out in the end.'

Katie Price has expressed her delight after former ‘Love Island’ star Olivia Attwood confirmed that ex-boyfriend Chris Hughesdid send text messages to the former glamour model, despite his protestations to the contrary.

Last year, Katie and Chris were involved in a heated war of words, after she alleged he’d sent her a string of flirty messages after an interview on ‘Loose Women’.

He later shared screengrabs which he claimed proved she’d actually been the one messaging him, though The Pricey insisted that Chris’s screengrabs had actually removed his texts from the shot.

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Chris Hughes

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Olivia admitted: “I chose to stand by him at that time. I had known him for two months, how am I to know what he was doing?

“All I know is that whether he did or he didn’t, he didn’t sleep with her, it was just a couple of messages.”

However, Olivia - who has since split up with Chris - added that he wasn’t quite so willing to stick with her through difficult times.

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Olivia Attwood

She said: “Yes, I do feel like I stood by him through a lot of things which weren’t great and that I probably shouldn’t have let slide, but I did.

“When I have slipped up and done something a bit stupid he’s jumped on it and like: ‘It’s unacceptable’.”

Responding to Olivia’s update, a representative for Katie told The Mirror: “She is delighted the truth is out. As Katie always says, ‘The truth always comes out in the end – she doesn’t lie’.”

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Katie Price

HuffPost UK has reached out to representatives for Chris Hughes to offer his side of the story.

Last year, Katie claimed that she’d sent Olivia samples of the messages that Chris had sent her, adding: “He’s obviously lied to her. All I’m going to say is, if you’re going to be in the media, and you’ve just started, always take advice from people who have been in it longer.

“Look at Gareth Gates, he lied. He lied and said nothing happened, and then as soon as it came out, his career went downhill.

“I don’t need to use other people to raise my profile. I don’t need to do anything. But what I won’t be called is a liar. And when I can prove it.”

Chris had previously threatened Katie with legal action over her repeated claims that he’d messaged her, suggesting he had a “media lawyer” who would “fuck her up”.

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