23/05/2017 12:17 BST

Katy Perry Addresses Taylor Swift Feud For The First Time, Insisting She Didn't 'Start It'

'You do something, and there’s going to be a reaction.'

Katy Perry has explicitly called out Taylor Swift for the first time, blaming the ‘Shake It Off’ singer for starting their infamous feud.

It was first reported that Katy and Taylor had fallen out back in 2014, when the latter released the song ‘Bad Blood’, revealing cryptic clues that pointed to it being about her fellow singer.

Since then, Katy has taken a few veiled digs at Taylor, including in her most recent single ‘Swish Swish’, but has only now addressed the ongoing feud directly, during an appearance on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ with James Corden.

Katy Perry tells it like it is to James Corden

When James asked her about the “Taylor beef” as she took a spin in the passenger seat, Katy said: “That’s true. There’s a situation. Honestly, it’s really like... she started it and it’s time for her to finish it.”

The ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer went on to confirm reports that their feud started when backing dancers of Taylor’s - who had danced for Katy in the past - rejoined Katy on tour, adding: “It’s so crazy.

“They asked me before they went on [Taylor’s] tour if they could go… and I was like, ‘yeah, of course, I’m not on a record cycle… get the work and she’s great. But I will be on a record cycle probably in about a year, so be sure to put a 30-day contingency in your contract, so you can get out if you want to join me’.

“So that year came up, right? And I texted all of them because I’m very close with them. And they [spoke to their management], and they got fired.”

Jeff Kravitz/AMA2011 via Getty Images
Katy and Taylor in happier times, back in 2011

She continued: “I tried to talk to [Taylor] about it, and she wouldn’t speak to me… It was a full shutdown, and then she writes a song about me and it’s like ‘OK, cool cool cool, that’s how you wanna deal with it?’ Karma.”

Katy then revealed that while she was “ready for that [bullshit] to be done”, Taylor should be aware of “the law of cause and effect”, insisting: “You do something, and there’s going to be a reaction. And trust me, daddy. There’s going to be a reaction. It’s all about karma, right?

“I think personally that women, together, not divided, and none of this petty shit… women together will heal the world.”

Katy’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ aired on Monday night (22 May), and the ‘Late, Late Show’ episode included a special opening message from James Corden, in which he paid tribute to the people of Manchester, following the terrorist attack which occurred after an Ariana Grande concert in the city.

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