07/08/2016 19:04 BST

Rio 2016 Olympics Kayak Capsizes After Reportedly 'Hitting A Sofa'

'I'm not sure I can go to sleep until #kayaksofa has been confirmed or denied.'

An Olympic kayaker may have capsized at the Rio Games after bumping an underwater sofa, according to reports.

Sky Sports journalist Paul Kelso said he had heard a kayaker “capsized after hitting a submerged sofa”, calling it the “story of the day” if it was true.

Kelso’s tweet on Friday sent the internet into overdrive, though the story has not been confirmed by any other reports.

The hashtag #KayakSofa trended on Twitter as people tried to find out if the surreal story was true - and, predictably, made jokes.

Some even imagined what the infamous sofa might look like:


It even got its own Twitter account:

The Times’ chief sports reporter said officials were investigating the claim, with one saying it was the “first he’d heard of it”.

As no other evidence appears to have surfaced, it seems the #KayakSofa tale could fade into Olympics folklore.

But for some, the mystery is just beginning: