12/07/2018 21:58 BST | Updated 13/07/2018 07:16 BST

'Keeping Faith' Episode 1 Review: 9 Questions BBC's New Welsh Thriller Left Us With

It has been mooted as the new 'Broadchurch'.

Its plot aside, ‘Keeping Faith’ is rather a unique drama. 

The production was filmed in both English and Welsh, with the native language version airing on Welsh channel S4C last year, and the English one getting a small screening on BBC Wales back in February. 

After proving to be a ratings hit - and winning over critics too - the series has been opened up to a wider audience, getting a primetime BBC One repeat to allow England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to get involved too. 

Eve Myles leads the cast of 'Keeping Faith'

Mooted as the ‘Welsh Broadchurch’, the show tells the story of the disappearance of lawyer Evan Howells (Bradley Freegard), with former ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘Torchwood’ star Eve Myles leading the cast as his wife Faith. 

Much of the first episode was spent setting things up for the next seven instalments, but that doesn’t mean to say there were not lots of questions we were left with at the end - particularly from the twists and turns of the last 10 minutes...

Was Evan contemplating suicide?

You may have noticed there were ropes on the tree when he went out into the back garden while Faith was on her night out. With mental health problems hinted at later in the episode, was Evan thinking about taking his own life prior to going missing?

Does Evan’s disappearance have anything to do with the murder case he has been working on?

Faith told one client at their law firm that Evan had been working on a very big murder case. While we don’t know if he was working on the prosecution or defence, could it be he was the prosecution lawyer and the murderers came after him? It’s a long shot, but might be worth bearing in mind. 

Why are Evan’s family so concerned so early on?

He hadn’t even been missing for 24 hours before the family were all over at the house demanding to know answers from Faith. We don’t know about you, but it seems pretty normal to be able to go without speaking to a member of your family you don’t live with for less than a day, so why were they so agg?

What was the ‘funny phone call’ Evan received?

Evan and Faith’s daughters told her that Evan had taken a call on the morning he went missing and said he “went all white and looked like he was about to be sick”. What had he been told?

Why is the baby sleeping in with the kids and not its own room?

The house looks massive from the outside, and Evan and Faith own their own law firm, so surely there’s space for him to have his own room? And if not, it seems massively impractical to have him in with two other kids under 10, rather than him sleep in his parents’ room. 

Was Faith and Evan’s marriage a happy one?

The opening scenes painted Faith and Evan as being happy and having lots of banter, but by the end of the episode, it was hinted at there were some problems in their marriage. 

The neighbour also pointed out that Faith goes out drinking quite a lot and would spend many nights in the spare room - could her partying have been a bone of contention with Evan?

Who is Alec Fenton, why did Evan have his driving licence, and why was he seemingly posing as him?

Three questions in one here, but the discovery of a wig, glasses and a driving license of a random man at the bottom of a wardrobe turned the whole episode on its head, and suddenly we (and Faith) began to doubt what we knew about Evan. Just what has he been up to?

Was Evan’s car really spotted at the carvery?

Faith received a call telling her that Evan’s car had been spotted at the local carvery, but something tells us this call could have been bogus. Which leads us to...

Who was the man at the window watching the house?

Could it have been the person who called Faith to get her out of the house? If so, what did he have planned, and what does he want from inside?

‘Keeping Faith’ continues next Thursday at 9pm on BBC One.