10/05/2017 13:58 BST

Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby Apologise After Kenny Goss Swears Twice During 'This Morning' Interview

George Michael's ex got over excited when talking about his love of the show.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were forced to apologise to ‘This Morning’ viewers after guest Kenny Goss swore not once, but twice during an interview. 

The former lover of the late George Michael appeared on the ITV daytime show on Wednesday (10 May) to discuss their relationship in a live-link up from LA.

But as he reminisced about how he and George used to watch ‘This Morning’ together, Kenny dropped an expletive.

Kenny Goss swore twice during an appearance on 'This Morning'

“I remember you guys so well,” he said. “When I looked at the television, I thought holy shit, we used to watch you guys all the time.. Especially you Phillip.”

Laughing, Phillip said: “The Phillip that’s now got to say ‘Sorry about that’.” 

However, later in the interview, Kenny said the word “bastard”, as he spoke about George’s charitable side. 

“One of the reasons I had this foundation was because he once gave me a hardcore lecture about being a lucky bastard and how I should be do everything I can to give back to the public,” he explained. 

At the end of the chat, Holly issued a formal apology to viewers for the bad language, stating: “Sorry for any of the language you might have heard during that.”

The interview also saw Kenny open up about his heartbreaking final conversation with George, prior to his death on Christmas Day last year. 

‘This Morning’ airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV. 

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