28/02/2017 14:42 GMT | Updated 28/02/2017 14:48 GMT

Kim Woodburn Swears Live On 'Loose Women', As She Discusses 'Celebrity Big Brother' Housemates

She was just as feisty as she was in the reality TV house.

Kim Woodburn’s appearance on ‘Loose Women’ was always going to be memorable, and sure enough she didn’t disappoint when she stopped by the show on Tuesday (28 February). 

But while the former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star managed to avoid getting into a scrap with any of the panellists, she did provide a memorable moment when she swore live on air.

“What made her turn the air blue?” we hear you ask. Well, being asked about her ‘CBB’ housemates of course. 

Kim Woodburn made an appearance on 'Loose Women'

During a chat about her softer side, Kim was asked why she didn’t show that part of her personality while in the famous TV house.

She had a very simple answer for that, spitting: “Because they’re bastards!”

While host Andrea McLean jumped straight in to apologise for Kim’s bad language, the lady herself was much less apologetic. 

“No, now it’s not that rude,” she said, claiming the other women probably say worse at home. 

Kim also spoke about her recent interview on ‘This Morning’, which saw her lock horns with host Phillip Schofield about her behaviour in the ‘CBB’ house.  

Offering an olive branch, she said: “I do like Phil, the presenter. I like him very, very much. I have forgiven him... the little rat.”

Kim’s former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Coleen Nolan was noticeably absent from the panel during Kim’s appearance, but she sent a video message to her, which you can watch in the video below...

‘Loose Women’ airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV. 

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