16/06/2017 12:07 BST

These Krispy Kreme Lipglosses Taste Just Like Doughnuts

Mmm...doughnuts 🍩 🤤

Krispy Kreme has launched doughnut-flavoured lipglosses, and they’re so Instagram-worthy they’re proving to be difficult to track down. 

The American food company has launched a line of super cute glosses that are said to taste just like a real doughnut. 

Flavours include Strawberry Iced, Original Glazed, Strawberry Sprinkles and Glazed Chocolate Cake. 


Krispy Kreme / Claires

Coming in various cute coloured doughnut-shaped cases, they’re sure to an Instagram hit.  

They’re only currently gracing American shores on Claire’s website for $4.99 (£4). 

But don’t fear, you can track them down on eBay

Priced at £5, you can get your hands on the Strawberry Sprinkles flavour. and you can even buy a box of 6 for $20 (£16) - with international shipping available.