Labour Party Conference 2016 Sees Jeremy Corbyn Win Please Conservative Voters

'On behalf of Conservatives everywhere, thank you Labour!'

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters were thrilled on Saturday at the news that he had been reelected as Labour leader.

The Islington North MP increased his majority to win with 61.8% of the vote.

But while Corbyn supporters celebrated the win, there were also a number of rather more unlikely people who were happy at the result.

Tory MP and former communities and local government secretary Eric Pickles tweeted “Rejoice” at the news.

He wasn’t the only one.

A number of apparent Tory supporters also appeared to be rather pleased with the result...

The Ukippers were also pleased, with former leader Nigel Farage leading celebrations...

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron was not exactly celebratory, however, saying: “This is a case of things can only get worse. Jeremy Corbyn has failed as opposition leader and failed to stand up for Britian’s place in Europe.

“As Labour fight among themselves the Liberal Democrats will make the case for an open tolerant and united Britain. If Labour won’t do its job as the opposition to the Conservative Brexit Government, we will.”