13/02/2017 15:02 GMT

Grammys 2017: John Travolta Busts A Move With Lady Gaga At After-Party (PICS)

What a double act.

Sometimes during awards season, it’s what happens away from the stage that really makes us smile.

So while John Travolta and Lady Gaga both made memorable appearances at the Grammys over the weekend (for very different reasons), what we really want to talk about is the two of them cutting a rug at an after-party.

The ‘Grease’ actor was snapped at Interscope’s Grammys After-Party following this year’s ceremony, where he partied on down with one of the jewels in the label’s crown, Lady Gaga herself.

Christopher Polk via Getty Images
John Travolta and Lady Gaga at the Interscope after-party

They were seen throwing some shapes on the dance floor at the event, where he sported his same suit from earlier in the evening, while Gaga changed from her heavy metal-inspired look into an asymmetric black dress and some towering heels.

Christopher Polk via Getty Images
Christopher Polk via Getty Images
'Sunday Night Fever'

John stopped short at pulling some of his ‘Saturday Night Fever’ finger-pointing moves, but judging by the look of concentration on his face, it looked like he was putting his all into his dancing regardless.

He was in attendance at the Grammys to introduce Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood’s performance during the ceremony, but came dangerously close to repeating his infamous “Adele Dazeem” moment when he admitted he was struggling with the autocue at the show.

Christopher Polk via Getty Images
They do appear to have cleared the dance floor, but it looks like they're having fun all the same

Meanwhile, Gaga was one of the A-list stars who performed during the ceremony, collaborating with rock legends Metallica, at one point even crowd-surfing.

Her performance was a far cry from a week earlier, when Gaga revisited her pop queen side for a Half-Time spectacular at the Super Bowl, for which she won critical acclaim.

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