27/09/2017 19:50 BST

Larry Lamb's Reason For Never Picking His Favourite 'Loose Woman' Is Comedy Gold

Innuendo alert!

Larry Lamb is a frequent guest on ‘Loose Women’, even occasionally sitting on the panel for their mixed sex specials, but that doesn’t mean he is about to pick his favourite lady 

The former ‘Gavin & Stacey’ star had a hilarious response when he was asked to name which panellist he liked best during an appearance on ‘BUILD’ with his son George Lamb

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Larry and George Lamb made an appearance on 'BUILD' 

Speaking to HuffPost UK’s Rachel McGrath, Larry said: “That’s always a very interesting question. Whenever anyone asks you about leading ladies that you’ve worked with or whatever, it’s absolutely a no-go area. It’s like one of those questions you never answer, ’cos one of them might be watching. And if they are, I love you all equally. 

Interrupting, George said: “And we’re going on it tomorrow, so...”

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Larry has made various appearances on 'Loose Women'

Larry continued: “One way not to be popular on ‘Loose Women’ is to start talking about what one you’d like to do anything with.”

“That’s a different show, mate,” George said, as the audience burst into laughter. 

“They start to tighten up,” Larry went on, perhaps not realising quite what he’d just inferred.  

Clearly embarrassed by what his dad had just said, George threw his head in his hands, adding: “Really bad choice of words.”

What would Ruth, Coleen and co say?!  

During the interview, the Larry and George also discussed their new Channel 5 series, ‘Britain By Bike’, which - as the title suggests - sees the pair tour the country on their bikes. 

Watch the full ‘BUILD’ interview with Larry and George in the video below...

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