Laura Kenny Asks 'Does Mum Guilt Ever End?' Gets An Overwhelming Response From Parents

For all the parents feeling guilty: 'Don’t beat yourself up, you’ve got this.'

Laura Kenny was suffering from a bad case of “mum guilt” about leaving her nine-month-old son Albert to go to work, so she turned to the parents of Instagram for reassurance - and they did not disappoint.

Proving that a problem shared is indeed often a problem halved, the Olympic cyclist shared a photo of herself holding Albert and wrote: “Straight in from training, straight back into mummy mode. Bath time and bed. Nine months old and I still get mum guilt. Will I ever not feel guilty for leaving him?”

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Other mums and dads came to Kenny’s rescue, counselling her that she may well never get over the feelings of guilt... but that’s ok.

“Simple answer ‘no’ even when he leaves home you will still feel guilty, it is natural so don’t stress, the little one has a great mum and dad and a bright future with the two of you to help guide him,” wrote dave_chris1980.

Deaneykp added that Kenny should console herself with the knowledge she is setting her son a “wonderful example” as “he’s being raised by an empowered and ambitious woman who will always find time to be his mum too”.

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Danielchristiet added: “Just remember how proud he will be growing up, knowing what his parents achieved. No pressure on him, of course 😆”

While Leanne_scott84 said that from her own experience she has found “you are a better parent if you still get to be who you are sometimes. Whether that’s your sport, cocktails with your friends, a cinema date with your husband etc, it makes you more present while you are with them.”

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“Guilt is part and parcel of mummyhood it seems,” wrote jentoffee54. “But he will see you going out to work to provide for him and doing something you care and feel passionate about - multitude of lessons and values right there which will set him on the right path. Embrace the cuddles (and don’t feel too guilty when they also drive you crackers!)”

We’ll leave the final word on the matter to dairywifehailey, who wrote: “Don’t beat yourself up, you’ve got this.”

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