30/10/2017 13:53 GMT | Updated 30/10/2017 14:10 GMT

Good Morning Britain's Laura Tobin Brings Home Baby Girl After Prolonged Hospital Stay

Tobin shared an adorable photo of her daughter.

Laura Tobin has finally been able to return home with her “brave” and “vulnerable” premature baby.

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ weather presenter is currently on maternity leave, but she phoned in to the show on Monday 30 October to update her colleagues Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins on how she is getting on as a new mum.

Tobin revealed that her daughter had been kept in hospital for an extended period as she had been born prematurely.

“We are finally home as a family - she was in hospital for quite a while, and she gave me quite a fright when she arrived very early,” Tobin said.

“We just didn’t know what to expect.”

Joe Maher via Getty Images

Tobin also shared a photo of her daughter on Twitter.

“So happy to let you know our beautiful Baby Charlotte is finally home with mummy and daddy,” she wrote.

“We’re looking forward to being a family.”

Tobin also sent a heartfelt thank you to NHS England and “all the doctors and nurses who’ve looked after and loved Charlotte over the last few months”.

She said she was also grateful for the support of Babies in Buscot Support (BIBS) is a charity supporting Buscot Ward, the local neonatal unit at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Tobin announced the birth of her daughter with a phone call to GMB and a tweet on 6 September.

She hasn’t shared her daughter’s birth date, but did reveal that Charlotte arrived over the summer “much earlier than planned”.