17/05/2019 08:41 BST | Updated 17/05/2019 14:55 BST

Led By Donkeys Are Back And Now They're Trolling Nigel Farage's Brexit Party

The group has offered up its own manifesto for the party.

The guerrilla billboard campaign that trolled pro-Brexit politicians with their own words is back, and this time they’re squarely taking aim at Nigel Farage.

Led By Donkeys appear to have noticed his new Brexit Party doesn’t have a manifesto so they’ve taken it upon themselves to write it for him.

Giant billboards have appeared across the country carrying a few choice quotes. One poster in Taunton highlights Farage’s stance in the European Parliament on maternity pay.

A billboard in Coventry cites a quote Farage gave during a speech on healthcare...

Farage has said his party does not plan to publish a manifesto until after the European election.

When asked to comment on the posters, a spokesperson for the Brexit Party said in an email: “It’s a very well funded campaign...”

But he isn’t the only one in the crosshairs – Anne Widdecombe’s controversial view that “homosexual acts are wrongful” is now emblazoned at a roundabout in Christchurch.

Farage has so far stumbled when trying to explain his party’s stance, most notably when challenged by a BBC reporter in Wales on Thursday.

The Brexit Party leader was challenged by the broadcaster’s Wales political correspondent Arwyn Jones eight times to set out what leaving the bloc would deliver for south Wales. 

Farage, whose party has the sole policy of crashing out of the EU without a deal, was in Merthyr Tydfil for a campaign rally ahead of the European elections on May 23. 

Jones said the nation was a net beneficiary of EU funding “to the tune of £250m a year” and asked Farage what Brexit would deliver if Welsh agriculture was damaged by Brexit.