10 Everyday Struggles All Left-Handed People Know Too Well

A whole new world of pain.

Being a left-handed person in a right-handed world isn’t always easy.

That’s why the lefties of the internet are out in force to share the everyday struggles that right handed people could simply never appreciate.

Reddit user ‘u/Toxic4704’ started the discussion, by asking people to share their left-handed woes.

And you thought it was only holding a pen that was an issue...

Carol Yepes via Getty Images

1. The Public Pen

“Whenever there is a pen chained to the counter (like at a bank or store) it’s always attached on the right side. So leftys always have the chain draped across the thing you’re writing on.”

2. The Question

“Having to hear people say “Wait, you’re left handed??” after you’ve been writing things in front of them for months.”

3. The Smudge

“When writing with a pen, due to your hand following your pen across the page, it is very common to smudge the words you write and, consequentially, get ink stains over the sides of your hand. Rather annoying.”

- Lazarus393

4. The Novelty Mugs

“Nobody sees the jokes or pictures on my novelty coffee mugs.”

5. The Power Tools

“Power tools are designed for right-handed people, and they’re dangerous enough already without having to be awkward about using them.”

6. The Scissors

“Scissors don’t work as well when held in the left hand unless specially made for lefties. And moulded scissors...well...”

7. The Notebooks

“Doing anything with ringed binders or spiral notebooks. Those motherfuckers.”

8. The Elbow Bump

“My girlfriend is left-handed and I’m right-handed. We try to sit with her to my left when eating so we don’t bump elbows.”

9. The Engagement Ring

“Wearing a wedding ring on your dominant hand means it’s constantly digging into your finger when you write.”

10. The Response

“Having people list out every single person they have ever known who was left handed when they find out.”

- Melhern15

No we aren’t all the same person...