15/08/2017 05:00 BST

Len Goodman Reveals Why You Won’t Ever See Him On ‘Have I Got News For You’

'I know someone - I can’t say who - who went on it and they didn’t say a word.'

Since leaving ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, Len Goodman hasn’t been short of employment offers, but there’s one show we won’t be seeing him on anytime soon.

The former ‘Strictly’ judge told HuffPost UK that one role he’s turned down is a spot on ‘Have I Got News For You’, admitting that he doesn’t think he’d be very good on the programme.

BBC/Panda Television/Graeme Hunter
Len's new show includes a round called 'News at Len', which is obviously genius 

He said: “I was asked to do ‘Have I News For You’. Who’d go on that? They’re so clever.

“I love the programme, I think it’s brilliant but you’d make yourself look an absolute… They’re so quick and I’d be sitting there umming.

“I know someone - I can’t say who - who went on it and they didn’t say a word.

“Then right at the end they had to go back and say ‘well, say this or that’ and I would hate that. No.”

Len will return to our screens with ‘Partners In Rhyme’ - an all-new Saturday evening quiz show - this weekend and the star also explained why the programme appealed to him.

BBC/Panda Television/Graeme Hunter
Each episode of 'Partners In Rhyme' features different celebrity guests 

“I made a New Year’s resolution a couple of years ago: I don’t want to do anything I don’t want to do,” Len said. “And you can’t exactly do that because things crop up, you know, you have to go to Sainsbury’s, but I try.

“When they phoned me up and said do you want to be the host, I was excited because I’ve never done it before.

“I love quizzes, I love Ben Shephard and Bradley Walsh. I did ‘The Chase’ and failed on the last question.”

‘Partners In Rhyme’ sees contestants take on a number of rhyme-based rounds, with the help of two celebrities.

If they manage to win, they’ll take home a luxury holiday but it’s the losing people who get the best consolation prize: A pen from Len.

‘Partners In Rhyme’ airs on Saturday 19 August at 6.45pm.

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