15/06/2017 08:44 BST

Gary Barlow’s ‘Let It Shine’ Won't Be Back In 2018, BBC Confirms

"The door is open" for a future series, though.

The BBC has confirmed that ‘Let It Shine’ will not return to our screens next year, although they aren’t ruling out more seasons of the programme in the future.

Gary Barlow’s show saw contestants compete for parts in a musical based on Take That’s music, with the five winners set to begin performing in the UK tour of ‘The Band’ this September.

BBC Pictures
The 'Let It Shine' judges: Amber Riley, Gary Barlow, Dannii Minougue and Martin Kemp

A BBC spokesperson has now confirmed to The Sun that there are no plans to revive the format for 2018, adding that “the door is open” for another series at some point in the future.

While ‘Let It Shine’ pulled in between four and six million viewers each week, it was marred in controversy when it finished.

Many viewers had assumed the five winners would land lead roles in the stage show, though it later transpired that they would not be taking centre stage.

When it was revealed that their roles are not speaking parts, the BBC dismissed claims that it had misled fans.

Their statement, issued in March, read: “With ‘Let it Shine’ we always said we were casting for a band to appear in a musical based on the music of Take That and they had to be able to sing and dance – like a boyband.

“The winners will sing and dance to 14 Take That numbers in Gary’s musical.

“We never said we were casting actors. But they will be front and centre of the musical.”

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