08/11/2018 12:09 GMT | Updated 08/11/2018 12:09 GMT

A Letter To My Daughters

I wish you could learn from my mistakes, but you can't, so make them and know you can always come back to me

kieferpix via Getty Images

Dear daughters,

I want to start by saying how much I love you and always will. You are the most special gift I have ever been given and I will remember that always. I wanted to be your friend, your best friend, but I can’t be. I was given a far greater role to protect, guide and teach you as your mum. So I will put parenting before being your friend, always. So you may not always like me, don’t worry I don’t always like how you behave, but I always have and always will have your best interests in my head and heart. Even when you frustrate me and wind me up, I love you and always will.

I am far from perfect, and can only hope to be half the mum I was fortunate to have, but I can promise you one thing, I couldn’t love you more. I will always try my best but there are times I will fail, times I will let you down and I hope you can forgive me. I will give you everything you need and some of the things you would like.I will put your needs before mine always.

I know that I have already begun to embarrass you, far earlier than I thought. I already think I’m a “Cool mum” when you know I’m not, I think I have great mum moves and love to kiss you goodbye as you wipe it away in disgust. I will continue to annoy and frustrate you as you grow, sometimes it will be funny, other times it wont be.

I wish you could learn from my mistakes, but you can’t, so make them and know you can always come back to me. Together we will celebrate the successes, learn from the failures and cry about the disasters. I will never turn you away, I can’t promise I won’t say “I told you so”, but I’ll try not to. I’ll comfort you and keep you safe.

If I hoped for anything for your future, it’s for you to know that you are loved and you can achieve anything you set your heart on. I want you to aim high and dream big, but I don’t want to set anything with a limit, or a perspective, a rating or comparison. I don’t want that for you. I want you to be you. So please don’t think about what’s others what or expect of you, being you is the hardest thing but I will help you.

I will forget to listen sometimes, if I say I’m too busy, tell me I can never be too busy for you & remind me I need to stop whatever I’m doing m. Forgive me. I won’t talk to you about brains or beauty, but about passion, kindness and empowerment. You got this girls.

We will fall out, we will disagree. I will be wrong, not often and I’m sure you’ll be quick to point it out to me when I am. You will be wrong too, and I will probably point it out quicker, but I love you.

I will allow you to make decisions for yourself when it is safe too and I will try to compromise when I can. I have unconditional love for you both and I will love you forever. I have done since the day I knew you were growing inside me and you are the first thought before any action I take. Everything I do is for you.

Now, please stop arguing, go finish your homework and remember, you never have to wait until tomorrow, you can start anything you want to today, tomorrow is never promised!