25/09/2017 22:00 BST | Updated 26/09/2017 10:10 BST

'Liar' Episode 3 Review: 10 Burning Questions We Have After The Reveal Of The Liar

Contains spoilers, obviously.

We may only be mid-way through the series, but ‘Liar’ served up the answer to its biggest mystery in Monday (25 September) night’s third episode, when viewers found out Andrew Earlham is the liar, after it emerged he did rape Laura Nielson. 

Following Laura’s discovery of a little bottle under his bed when she broke into his house last week, a flashback revealed it contained a substance he used to drug her on the night of their date. 

But just because we now have it confirmed that Andrew is the villain of the piece, there is still plenty to unpack over the next three episodes, and hopefully there will be answers to these burning questions we have from tonight’s instalment...


Why did Laura really withdraw her sexual harassment claim against Dennis?

He claimed she “couldn’t cope with all the attention” as she was on anti-depressants at the time - which she seemed to corroborate, but something tells us there is more to the character of Dennis. 

Why was Andrew so disgusted by Dennis’s apparent admission he groped Laura?

Andrew appeared to be outraged at Dennis revealing he had grabbed Laura when she gave him a comforting hug in his old job, which now we know that he did rape Laura, seems odd given his own crime was far worse. 

What was the Crown Prosecution Service’s real reason for not prosecuting the case?

Did what Dennis told the police really make a difference to their decision, or is there some sort of corruption on the inside?

Is there something up with DI Harman?

She seemed very keen to stay away from investigating Andrew’s history, despite Tom’s insistence she should, but later told Laura of his potential involvement of his wife’s death, implying she already knew about it - so why did she keep this from Tom?

It seems pretty clear she believes Laura’s version of events, given what she also said to Andrew when he invited her in for a drink as she called over to his house to tell him the charges had been dropped, but something definitely seems amiss here.  


Did Andrew kill his wife?

Whether he had anything to do with his wife’s death is a question we have been asking since episode one, but our suspicions were raised again with DI Harman’s warning to Laura about his past in Edinburgh. 

Has Andrew been stalking Tom and Katy?

He knows about the pair’s affair, having seen one of their “clandestine meetings” outside the hospital. But has he also been following them to other places, including to the pier in episode one?

How did Andrew gain access to Laura’s flat?

Everyone seems to be able to get into one another’s houses like ninjas in this show, but while Laura had known where a key was to get into Andrew’s in episode two, how he managed to get into her place to attach the missing earring to the rabbit remains unclear, especially as there was no sign of a break in. 


Why didn’t Laura get rid of that cuddly rabbit when she broke up with Tom?

It seems strange she would have a constant reminder of her ex-boyfriend taking pride of place in her living room. 

Will Andrew manage to sue Laura for defamation?

Now that the case is not being prosecuted, Laura’s social media post could come back to bite her, as she has left herself open to prosecution herself for defamation of character. Could the tables now turn and Laura find herself in prison? 

What tickets did Katy buy for her husband Liam?

Just. Open. The. Goddamn. Envelope. 

‘Liar’ continues next Monday at 9pm on ITV. 

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