26/08/2017 16:50 BST | Updated 29/08/2017 14:29 BST

Lidl Prosecco Deal Ends In Chaos And Disappointment

'Couldn't be more fuming.'

Brits love a bargain. They love a Bank Holiday even more. And they really, really love prosecco.

So Lidl really should have known better when they put on a deal which offered a box of six bottles of the fizzy stuff for a mere £20. Yes folks, that’s £3.33 a bottle.

Unable to resist an absolute barg, many thrifty Brits decided to set their alarms and get down to their local Lidl early doors on Bank Holiday Saturday.

In the Great British spirit, shoppers formed orderly queues ahead of opening time.

But reader, this is where a hopeful tale takes a tragic turn.

Because it seems Lidl had somewhat underestimated the popularity of their offer and some stores sold out in a matter of minutes.

Yes, that means those poor sods got out of bed early on a Bank Holiday for nothing.

It’s safe to say, they were pretty upset... 

Things almost got violent in some areas...

A truly gutting end to a day with so much promise.

We can only hope these put-out prosecco drinkers are able to get their hands on some bubbles elsewhere.