30-Somethings Offer Life Advice For People In Their 20s

'Have fun without killing yourself.'

While it’s a fun and carefree time, a person’s twenties can also be difficult to navigate.

I mean, you have to learn how to cook proper meals and do your own ironing.

To try and help the younger generation avoid making the same mistakes they did, 30-somethings on Reddit have dished out some solid life advice.

From getting in the habit of saving money to living outside of your comfort zone, here’s what they had to say...

1. ‘Stop comparing yourself to others. Live your life.’

2. ‘It’s never too late to find a new passion - be it career, hobby or relationship.’

3. ‘Respect yourself.’

4. ‘Travel as much as you can now because life will get in the way really fast.’

5. ‘If you drink too much, start trying to drink less.’

6. ‘Avoid debt.’

7. ‘Don’t get married just because you think it’s the next logical step.’

8. ‘Be self sufficient.’

9. ‘Always stay one step outside of your comfort zone.’

10. ‘Get in the habit of saving money.’

11. ‘Have fun without killing yourself.’