Lily Allen Hits Out At Piers Morgan In Defence Of Denise Welch, Amid Mental Health Row

'Lol, that you think you’re so press worthy.'

Lily Allen has leapt to the defence of Denise Welch, after Piers Morgan accused her of using his name for press.

The former ‘Loose Women’ panellist reignited her feud with the ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter when she called out his attitude towards mental health issues during an appearance on ‘BUILD’.

Piers later tweeted that “Ms Welch does this whenever she hasn’t been in the papers for a while. And it’s been a while”.

<strong>Lily Allen, Denise Welch and Piers Morgan</strong>
Lily Allen, Denise Welch and Piers Morgan

His tweet caught the attention of Lily, who called out his hypocrisy, claiming he had built a career on “using other people’s names”.

“Lol, that you think you’re so press worthy,” she tweeted. “I can think of a billion other ways @RealDeniseWelch could drum up some interest if she was that way inclined. Her incredibly successful son being one of them.

“And anyway form someone who’s entire career is based on using other people’s names and experiences bring in the bacon. This is a bit, meh [sic].”

#teamdenise,” she added.

It was not long before Piers responded, tweeting a picture of them together where Lily gestured to his crotch.

“Morning @lilyallen. I preferred you when you just harassed me in the flesh,” he wrote.

Lily and Denise are yet to respond to him.

Denise’s fresh comments on Piers came as she discussed Piers blocking her on Twitter earlier this year when they clashed over Will Young.

Following the singer’s admission he had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, Piers claimed he was suffering with a case of “WNTS - Whiny Needy Twerp Syndrome”.

Addressing the matter again on ‘BUILD’, Denise said: “Piers Morgan, as far as I know, does not suffer from depression, is not married to someone [who does], his children don’t have it and he is not medically qualified in a psychiatric department to comment on whether the fuck Will Young has any kind of mental health condition at all.

“What he did in that one tweet was... shut all those people down who don’t have a voice.

“He has six million Twitter followers and it’s outrageous.”

Denise has never shied away from speaking out about mental health issues, having suffered with clinical depression since the birth of her first son - The 1975 frontman Matty Healy - 28 years ago.

As part of her work to help bring attention to these issues, she has co-produced and starred in a short psychological drama that acts as a portrayal of Denise’s own experience with depression.

After it won critical acclaim at various festivals on both sides of the pond, Denise premiered the film on HuffPost UK, and you can watch ‘Black Eyed Susan’ in full below...