07/06/2018 08:52 BST | Updated 07/06/2018 10:51 BST

Lily Allen's 'Good Morning Britain' Interview 'Cancelled' Over Piers Morgan 'Spat'

'Piers can't handle that smoke.'

Lily Allen has claimed that ‘Good Morning Britain’ bosses pulled a scheduled interview with her on the daytime show, following her recent Twitter spat with presenter Piers Morgan.

Earlier this week, Lily and Piers became involved in a heated social media exchange over a gun-shaped necklace she wore while performing a set at the Mighty Hoopla festival.

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Lily performing in her gun necklace

When the ‘Trigger Bang’ singer pointed out that the media had not given her the same treatment as footballer Raheem Sterling when it emerged he had a gun tattooed on his leg, Piers hit back: “Doesn’t make it any less reprehensible the longer you wear it.

“Why have you got a machine gun around your neck?”

Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

In an exchange for which the phrase “that escalated quickly” was invented, Lily hit back: “I’ll stop wearing the necklace when you apologise for hacking the phones of dead children. Deal ? Calling me reprehensible for wearing a necklace.”

Piers then insisted that Lily was referring to “another newspaper”, to which she responded: “Thanks for clarifying that, I apologise. I wear the necklace because I like it.

“Why did you publish deliberately concocted fake images to smear the British army ? That’s not very patriotic Piers ?

On Wednesday night, Lily then posted a video on her Twitter, suggesting that the exchange had led to her losing her spot on ‘GMB’ to promote her upcoming album, ‘No Shame’.

She said: “We’ve been putting together my promo schedule and the first people that asked me to come on the TV was ‘Good Morning Britain’, last week.

“This morning, ‘Good Morning Britain’ called up my people and said ‘after Lily and Piers’ Twitter spat, would Lily like to cancel coming on the show?’, to which I responded, ‘no, of course not. What... do you think I’m scared of Piers Morgan?’.

She continued: “Anyway… I just got the news that I was cancelled. Because Piers don’t want that smoke.”

The following morning, Piers suggested that he’d told the team he wouldn’t conduct the interview “until or if your new album is a hit”, remarking: “So probably never.”

HuffPost UK has reached out to a representative for ‘Good Morning Britain’ for further comment.

To promote her album, Lily has appeared on shows like ‘Sounds Like Friday Night’, ‘Later… With Jools Holland’ and ‘Loose Women’, during which she discussed her recent divorce with the panel.

Lily Allen’s ‘No Shame’ is available to download and stream from Friday 8 June.

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