Linda Nolan Reveals She Was Victim Of Hoaxer Pretending To Be A Manchester Bombing Victim

'I thought I was helping this poor girl.'

Linda Nolan has opened up about the events of the last few months, revealing that she was the victim of a hoaxer, who pretended to be a victim of the Manchester bombing.

The attack took place after an Ariana Grande concert back in May, and in the week that followed Linda was contacted online by someone posing as the family of a fan, asking the star to send her best wishes.

<strong>Linda Nolan </strong>
Linda Nolan
Shirlaine Forrest via Getty Images

Linda and “Emily” then stayed in contact and the former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate “confided in her and we formed a strong bond”.

Linda realised that she had been duped when she received a text stating that Emily had died, on the very morning she planned to visit her in hospital for the first time.

<strong>Linda and her family rose to fame in the 1970s</strong>
Linda and her family rose to fame in the 1970s
Manchester Daily Express via Getty Images

Her suspicions were then confirmed when there was no official announcement confirming that the death toll had risen.

Linda is currently receiving treatment for incurable cancer. Speaking in April, she opened up about her diagnosis during an appearance on ‘Loose Women’.

Sat alongside sister Coleen, Linda told viewers about the treatment ahead.

She said: “I’m going to have injections I think into my bones to strengthen my bones and then have a blast of radiotherapy and then I’ll have intravenous drugs to fight the cancer. I don’t have to have chemo this time which is a big relief.

“It’s very, very daunting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely devastated. I was devastated because I feel so bad for my family having to go through it all again.

“They’ve been amazing. Everybody.”