A Line Of Duty Spelling Mistake Has Got Everyone Talking

"The most monstrous thing H has done is not being able to spell definitely."

Watching Line Of Duty is the perfect way to end the week, but trying to figure out the clues is even better (you can see our efforts here).

This is perhaps why a small spelling mistake has caused such a fuss, as fans have scrambled to chat about whether a message in the show is a big hint.

Sunday’s episode saw officer John Corbett (Stephen Graham), who is deep undercover as a baddie, communicating with mysterious crime boss H.

As viewers were given a glimpse at the pair’s correspondence, we could see a message that said: “Eastfield depot is definately high risk.”

Definately? Hmm.

Fans soon pondered whether it was a deliberate error.

Surely the BBC wouldn’t let a spelling mistake slip through the net on one of their biggest shows?

Episode three of Line of Duty included a number of significant turning points, as the organised crime group carried out a heist that exposed a corrupt high-ranking officer.

But the hunt for ‘H’ is still very much on as Superintendent Ted Hastings’ suspicious behaviour continued, while the writing also looked to be on the wall for DS Arnott (again).