Line Of Duty Fans Have New Series 6 Theory After Spotting Tiny Detail In On-Set Pics

Seriously, get this lot a job with AC-12.

The new series of Line Of Duty might still be a long way off, but fans have already got their theories about what’s going to happen.

After the BBC show’s creator Jed Mercurio posted the latest set of on-set images from filming in Belfast, some eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice a tiny detail in one of the shots.

They picked up on the fact DS Steve Arnott – played by Martin Compston – was not wearing police stripes on his epaulettes, suggesting that he was now working as a police constable.

Previously, he has been a detective sergeant, which is indicated by three white stripes worn on an officer’s shoulders.

A PC usually just has their collar number, which Arnott is seen wearing, pointing at the possibility the character will be demoted in the new series...

However, it could also suggest that Arnott is sent undercover, as his colleague DI Kate Fleming, played by Vicky McClure, has done in previous series.

Seriously, get this lot a job with AC-12.

A couple of others thought there was some subliminal message in another of Jed’s pictures that pointed to Superintendent Ted Hastings being the mysterious organised crime boss “H” – a plot that featured heavily in the last series...

Filming on the sixth series of Line Of Duty resumed in August, having previously been suspended after four weeks back in March, due to the pandemic.

The cast and crew have now all bubbled up together in Northern Ireland, where the show is filmed, with strict safety measures and testing in place to keep them safe.

Bosses are aiming to complete filming in the hope of airing the series in early 2021.

It was previously confirmed that Kelly Macdonald has joined the cast, playing Detective Chief Inspector Davidson, who had been dubbed the “most enigmatic adversary AC-12 have ever faced”.

Kelly Macdonald has joined the cast for the sixth series
Kelly Macdonald has joined the cast for the sixth series

The fifth series of Line Of Duty concluded last year and revealed legal counsel Gill Biggeloe had been setting up Hastings as “H”.

It was later confirmed from a closer examination of DI Matthew Cottan’s dying declaration that “H” was actually a clue, rather than a person, indicating there are four high ranking officers in league with organised crime.

So far, Cottan, ACC Derek Hilton, Biggeloe have already been unmasked, with another still at large, which is likely to explored in the sixth series.