These Little Boys Are Giving Us All The Friendship Goals


Best friends are the person we rely on to send us cat GIFs when we are having a terrible day, or provide a shoulder to cry on when we get dumped.

Now this little boy and his best friend are giving us all the friendship goals after a video of them hanging out together went viral.

Felipe Wendel and Augusto Barbieri, who has disabilities, were playing in the garden when they decided they wanted to take a break and sit on a swinging chair together.

Instead of letting Augusto struggle into the chair, which is moving, Felipe decides to give him a helping hand.

After a minute or so of providing (very patient) assistance, the pair finally get seated, and they could not be more pleased.

Commenters were quick to commend Felipe, and get teary eyed over the adorable pair, Teresa Grundy said: “Now that’s a real friend.”

Can we all have a friend like Felipe?

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