17 Little Buys That'll Boost Your Day When You've Fallen Into A Rut

The buys you need to get yourself out of a slump, if not for good, at least for now.
All the tools you need to start feeling better if you're stuck in a rut
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All the tools you need to start feeling better if you're stuck in a rut

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One day everything is peachy, the next it feels like life is a bit of a struggle. You’ve found yourself in a rut and it’s hellish. We’ve all been there.

Sometimes ruts happen due to mental stresses and worries, other times it’s something upsetting like a work wobble or relationship issues that sends you into a tailspin. Getting out of a rut – regardless of the cause – can feel near impossible at times.

Finding your way back from the slump can be a struggle, but with the right approach – and a few handy pick me ups – you can give yourself a better chance of getting things back on track. To give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up a few buys that should help give you the boost you need.

Beat overwhelm with a to-do list
When you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount that needs to be done, making a to-do list can be just what you need This undated, peel-off pad is ideal for keeping track of tasks – just tick things off as you go.
This shower gel will get your day off to a good start
This mood boosting body wash will help to supercharge the start of your day. It's wonderfully fresh and smells absolutely glorious.
Dip into this helpful book
This Sunday Times bestseller provides a tool kit for staying resilient in even the hardest of times, while also helping you manage your mental health on a daily basis.
Pop a load of laundry on
If you've let the laundry build up, put a load or two on and you'll immediately start to feel more in control. It might only be a small task, but it will help. Plus this all-natural, non-bio laundry gel smells amazing.
This hydrating facial scrub will refresh your skin
Formulated to gently exfoliate, brighten and refresh skin, this watermelon scrub is laced with vitamin C for added hydration and a brighter complexion. Made from 95% natural ingredients, it'll wake you up in no time.
This yoga mat is ideal for practicing mindfullness
When you're feeling low, practising meditation and calming activities like yoga and pilates, can help life your mood and make everything feel more manageable.This double sided, non-slip exercise mat is ideal for doing some gentle exercise.
This hyaluronic gel will revive your skin
If you've let your skin dry out, moisturiser might not cut it. Coating your face in this hydrating hyaluronic acid gel will give your skin the boost of hydration that it needs to get back to healthy again.
Tuck into this motivational read with a difference
Best-selling author Bella Mackie is anything but preachy and her personal story about how she used running to overcome some serious mental health challenges may inspire you to put on your own trainers. And if it does, this journal will help you track your progress.
These antibacterial wipes smell incredible
If you've let housework go a little (we've all been there), these antibacterial wipes will clean stuff up in no time. Quick and easy to use, they'll get the job done quickly for you and plus they smell absolutely heavenly.
This productivity planner will help to boost motivation
When you're in a slump, taking time to plan can really help, which is why this productivity planner is sure to be a winner. Featuring simple daily formats and weekly planning, this handy journal makes being productive more achievable.
This leak-proof water bottle will ensure you stay hydrated
When you're in a rut, remembering to drink can be easy to forget. Treat yourself to this BPA-free sports bottle that'll make downing your regulation litres a little easier.
This hair mask will freshen up your locks
If your hair is looking a little worse for wear, smoothing it in this nourishing banana hair mask is just the thing. For instantly nourishing and detangling hair, this shea spiked three-in-one mask works like a dream.
This detangling brush will sort your your messy mane
If you've let your hair get a little knotted or matted, getting the tangles out can be painful. This in-shower detangling brush moves with the hair as it brushes, making de-tangling a hell of a lot easier.
Get lost in a great book that will also make you laugh
Sometimes getting stuck into someone else's story takes you out of your own for a bit. Shortlisted for the Women's Book Prize 2022, Meg Mason's novel is sharp and spiky, but also heartwarming and redemptive.
Give your lips the hydration they need
This sweet smelling lip balm is wonderfully soft and soothing, coating lips in a quick to absorb formula that deeply hydrates skin and repairs the cracks that appear when you're feeling worn down.
A calming cup of tea may help
Taking a moment to sit back and enjoy a calming cup of tea can help to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm on days where everything feels too much. This selection from Pukka features five relaxing flavours, from soothing lavender to sweet vanilla.

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