26/09/2017 12:27 BST | Updated 26/09/2017 13:02 BST

Liz Dawn Dead: This Is How We’ll Best Remember The ‘Coronation Street’ Legend


Liz Dawn starred in a number of television shows during her career but there’s no denying that we’ll best remember her as ‘Coronation Street’ legend Vera Duckworth.

Liz joined the soap in 1972 and played the character until 2010, becoming a fan favourite thanks to her impeccable sense of comic timing and heartwarming portrayal of Vera’s - often hilarious, yet tumultuous - relationship with her husband Jack.

Following the sad news of Liz’s death, we’re looking back at vintage clips of her as Vera Duckworth and this clip, above, shows her at her feistiest.

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Jack and Vera's relationship gave viewers plenty of laughs and more than a few emotional moments too 

The video is taken from 2004’s Christmas special, which saw Jack present his wife with the same card, for the second year running.

In her usual no nonsense style, Vera made her feelings on the matter very clear, dispatching Jack to buy another card - and then putting him in his place again when she overheard him planning to go to to Rovers for a couple of swift pints instead.

It wasn’t just Jack that Vera took to task during her decades on t’cobbles though, and when she discovered Bet Lynch had spent an evening in her husband’s company, the ‘Corrie’ legend wasted no time in confronting the barmaid:

Another of Liz’s best-known scenes was featured in the soap’s recent ‘Then, Now And Forever’ promotional clip,  which celebrated Corrie’s vibrant history and best-loved characters.

In the short video, the moment when Vera threw Jack’s clothes out of the window and out onto the street was recreated.

Watch that clip below... 

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